The Skin I Live In

Review: The Skin I Live In

By CBwood
12 Mar 12

Excellent and Disturbing

Almodovar's expert craftsmanship of "The Skin I Live In" is parallel his central character's mastery of the art of skin surgery. At once engaging and fluid the narrative never becomes laborious or difficult. However there is a certain detachment: for all the nudity and sex it is barely sensual, for all the violence it is rarely terrifying. But at the same time it is more based in reality than Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange or The Shining.

What it shares with those films however, it the 'disturbing' factor. It might as well serve as an observation into severely abnormal psychology. 'Twisted' is definitely the right descriptor when it comes to content.

As this was my first Almodovar film ever, and I am inspired to see more, having developed an appreciation for his storytelling. However, my conscience does not allow me to recommend this film without reservations. You have been warned.