The Shining

Review: The Shining

By yuefei
01 Oct 18

A horrific mix of strangeness and madness

The final act gave me goosebumps no other horror film has before. I was scrunched up in my blanket, completely immersed.

If it weren't for the somewhat ridiculous acting on behalf of characters other than the protagonist himself in the first act (it may have been excellent or appropriate at the time of the screening, I wouldn't know), this would probably be a 5.

So much about this... The terrific visuals; which mesmerise and encapsulate with a character of its own, flamboyant in style and innovation. The strange surrealism, and mysterious elements, are things that I cannot get enough of in one lifetime.

And don't even get me started on that soundtrack...

So yeah. I loved it.

Edit: I can't believe what this would have done to people in the 80s haha.

Edit #2: Fluck it, it's a 5.