The Secret Life of Bees

Review: The Secret Life of Bees

By Rocky
13 Mar 09

Secret life of bees and the people that steal their honey

Don’t worry in this film bees do not disappear causing plants to attack humans and they do not start talking and asking for there honey back. Bees are just part of the journey in this film providing a society that gets along and works together rather than one that is segregated and fights one another.

This film has all the ingredients of a great coming of age story. Young person: check, Long arduous journey: check, Great obstacles to overcome: check, Childhood crushes: check, breakthrough moments (or ‘aaahaaaa’ moments as Oprah likes to say): check, Wooden statues of the black virgin mary: check but quite unique to this film.

Although it’s not quite as powerful as other films in its genre such as ‘Stand By Me’ bees makes an honest attempt. The social unrest of American society at the time provides the base and driving force of the film. In a time when hate and anger are running riot this film shows love and support prevailing (in the end it is still a chick flick)

Whenever I see Queen Latifah I want to hear a song and a story fortunately this film has both.