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BY Tele335 lister

Clint Eastwood never was one for wearing anything on his sleeve. This is a solid and compelling piece of cinema from a master who knows his craft. From a deft, efficient setup, we follow Eastwood’s aged protagonist into moral peril, but admire his fundamental decency. That he is the author of his own misfortunes gradually dawns on him, leading to a satisfying dramatic denouement.

BY Wice superstar

Yes, there wasn't a huge amount of story or action but this suited the subject - an old man who is not part of the mad techno generation racing around like fleas in a jar. Clint did a great job in the role and no matter what your own age, if you have people of this age in your own life, you will relate. I found it a beautiful character study which made me smile at times and feel sad at others. There was some obvious moralising but lots of subtle messages about life and attitudes, right and... More wrong as well - so that there was something for most to give at least a moment's thought. The last scene made me think of all the old people I know, particularly those in resthomes where their freedom and happiness (or lack of this) comes from the soul and not so much from their circumstances and surroundings.Hide