The Lone Ranger

Review: The Lone Ranger

24 Oct 13

Home on the Range

As a boy I watched re-runs of the lone ranger series and saw a couple of the Lone ranger inspired movies from the 50s & 60s on TV in the 70's (yes they had TV back then). So, I saw this modern re-imagining with a sense of nostalgia.

Although I had to look beyond the Disney brand of action and the Jack Sparrow stigmata, I thought the move captured the spirit of the lone ranger. From humble beginnings as a novel about the a Texas ranger hunting the killers of another ranger to a radio show in the 1930s to a modern Disney classic.

Depp pounded out a humour only he could with a character that only he could have played the way he did. Yes, Disney stamped it's trademarked middle-of-the-road traditionalism on it but what could you expect. The Lone Ranger was branded like this from his days as a radio show character in the 30s. He was about straight shooting, honest justice and thats the type of movie you got.

Even if you have never heard of the Lone ranger before now, your inner child is in for a real treat.

A rifle cocking, horse wispering 3/5 from me.