The Last Exorcism

Review: The Last Exorcism

13 Jan 11

Nicely Done Chiller

having seen this as a treat at the 24 Hour Movie Marathon, I can honestly say it lives up to its hype - or at least 98% of it. The creepy, eerie horror film has been so overlooked since the shoddy imitators of the "gore porn" masterpieces like SAW and HOSTEL - this film brngs it back by taking the viewer into a dark and threatening situation in a light-hearted and half satirical way, and when things do take a very nasty turn, the shock value is hugely magnified.

Why is it not perfect? The ending is a little rushed, and some of the exposition is a touch forced and obvious, yet it's forgiveable when we realise that this is not an M Night Shyalam twist that is only just plausible - it's one that we were told in a complete red herring move earlier and that we have been as hoodwinked as the characters have been. A lack of SFX is refreshing rather than just low-budget ( No, the actress playing the young girl is *actually* doing that in real life - Ligamental Hypermobility or doublejointedness has never been so useful ) and the concentration on the story and characters pays off.