The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Review: The Last Black Man in San Francisco

02 Dec 19

Absolutely gorgeous.

Okay besides Joker this is probably my favourite movie of 2019. It's absolutely gorgeous.

It's directed by Joe Talbot and stars Jimmie Fails, Jonathan Majors and Danny Glover to name a few.

This movie is beautiful. It feels like the baby of Wes Anderson and Damien Chazelle. The directing is my favourite aspect of this movie. From the opening scene to the final shot, this whole movie is beautifully filmed. There isn't a single scene that isn't stunning. The cinematography is top-notch fantastic. There are shots which are just basically art and sequences that I repeated in my head over and over again. It won Best Directing at Sundance so I'm hoping it gets some recognition from the Academy.

The story is by both Fails and Talbot themselves. And it's excellent. It's joyful, sad, inspiring and meaningful. The writing was done by Talbot and Rob Richert, and that was very well done too. It feels natural and it keeps you engaged. There were also a few allusions between the dialogue and I appreciated that a lot.

The performances, particularly by both Jonathan Majors and Jimmie Fails are phenomenal. They are the soul of this movie. There was just the perfect amount of joy or anger or sorrow or regret throughout their performances.

The movie clocks in at just over 2 hours and honestly it's perfect. It's not too long or too short and the story just fits. This is definitely one of the best movies in 2019 and also an amazing movie on its own.