The Hour: Season 1

The Hour: Season 1


BBC UK drama series is set at a London-based investigative news show during the Cold War era. Stars Dominic West (The Wire), written by Abi Morgan, writer of The Iron Lady.... More

Set in 1956, the six episode season examines the intense pressures felt by the broadcast crew, behind the scenes of a news show called The Hour. A wit-challenging love triangle emerges, a hunt for heavy and controversial stories persist and a murder investigation escalates with each episode. Hide

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  • What makes it so engaging is not that the series finds anything new to twist, but that it works so well with and within the strictures of the well-thumbed genres it combines in equal parts: spy thriller, murder mystery, backstage drama, triangular romance. Full Review

  • The plot twists of The Hour can at times be puzzling, but the series is never dull. Full Review

  • This is the kind of meticulously handsome period piece one would expect to find via the BBC--mostly because it would surely struggle Stateside. Judged by the most bottom-line measurement of all, The Hour is an hour well spent. Full Review