The Host

Review: The Host

27 Apr 13

Unfortunately it's become fashionable to despise all Stephanie Meyers work.

I enjoyed The Host novel more than the Twilight saga. Separating the book and movie is always tough. If I had been in a negative frame of mind when I saw The Host I'd subtract a star but as
I had few expectations, I was pleasantly surprised.

Much of the criticism I have read of Twilight and The Host appears to have sprung from those who decided they weren't going to like these movies before they had even seen them. This gives a certain lack of credibility to such reviewers.

I hope to hear more from fans and from reviewers who are capable of being objective.

The Host offers an excellent variation of a well worn SiFi theme. The alien invaders are genuinely nicer than humans. The aliens' one great flaw is a human one. The aliens believe good intentions them give the right to impose their morality.

Unfortunately, given such a long novel to distil into movie form, much had to be jettisoned. The choices made led to a movie blander than it could have been.

Wanderer's strength of character and will were hardly apparent. Leaving little reason for her romance with an (to her) alien. It also subtracted from the drama of the clash of wills between Host and Soul. The internal dialogue between the two was reasonably well realized. The interactions between Wanderer and the human community worked well. A pity that there was so much emphasis on the romantic aspects. Sacrificing suspense and action.

There was almost no sign of the impact the aliens had upon earth's environment and culture. Which was considerable, and well considered, in the book.

At heart this movie is a decent teen romance. Offering some action, some suspense, some drama and a dash of science in the fiction. A cast of largely unknowns showing talent and ability. Good production values. The Souls looked great. What the alien technology was shown looked good enough for a movie not focused on the special effects.

If you want a special effects movie, go see Oblivion