The Grudge

Review: The Grudge

By eeno
01 Feb 20

Probably the worst film I have ever seen.

Astonishing that talented actors like Jackie Weaver ('Animal Kingdom") ,William Sadler ("Kinsey") and Andrea Riseborough (" Birdman") ended up in this pathetic, third rate apology of a horror movie. The clueless talentless director, who also wrote the screenplay, has no idea how to scare the pants off his audiences .. He and his editor have obviously not seen films like Psycho, The Shining, Alien, Get Out and Les Diaboliques to show how it's done. Creaks , scary music and grotesque creatures that pop up simply did not cut it. Definition of "grudge" - "a persistent feeling of resentment " - and my resentment increased as the ludicrous plot unfolded. Avoid at all costs.