The Grudge

Review: The Grudge

31 Jan 20

It’s often said that the January post-Xmas period is used as a dumping ground for crappy movies and sadly ‘The Grudge’ does nothing to change that perception. A remake (of a remake) of the popular Japanese horror ‘Ju-on’, this modern retelling adds a few extra ingredients in the hopes of spicing up an already familiar formula, throwing some additional subplots into the narrative and stepping up the amount of gore and jump-scares. There is a definite Sam Raimi feel to some of the film’s more gruesome scenes. However, these deviations from the original aren’t quite enough to elevate ‘The Grudge’ from being another poor remake of a revered horror franchise. The added subplots are flimsy, giving off the vibe of being added purely to pad the movie and increase the body count, with the newly introduced characters coming across as nothing more than mere plot devices. Perhaps the most disappointing area in which ‘The Grudge’ falls over is its unfortunate inability to build tension. While the source material was renowned for its ability to create tension (cue the infamous croaking cry of Kayoko), the 2020 version relies too heavily on jump scares dissipating any pent-up tension. If you’re looking for a creepy horror fix, you’d be better off re-visiting the original film than investing in this diluted version.