The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet


The ingeniously creative French director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Science of Sleep, Be Kind Rewind) turns his hand to the superhero genre with this big screen adaptation of a 1930s radio serial.... More

Seth Rogen (who co-wrote the script with Evan Goldberg - Superbad, Pineapple Express) stars as debonair newspaper publisher Britt Reid, who fights crime at night as a masked superhero known as The Green Hornet. With his sidekick, Cato, and his souped-up vehicle, The Black Beauty, Reid faces nefarious villain Chudnofsky (Inglourious Basterd's Christoph Waltz). Cameron Diaz plays the female lead.Hide

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Dishevelled comic everyman Seth Rogen and French auteur Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) don’t seem like the most natural pairing, least of all for an action blockbuster. Clearly they’re going for something a little different from the standard superhero fare in this action-comedy. So, does it work?... More

Rogen, who co-wrote the script, clearly had the title role in mind for himself as the character fits him like a glove. Cynics might suggest that he essentially wrote it as a platform for his personal routine but it’s still entertaining, particularly the buddy comedy stanzas with his sidekick, Kato. This aspect is the film’s strongest point, with an atypical superhero/sidekick relationship that is decently fleshed out and funny. Meanwhile, Gondry shows off a new string to his bow. The fight scenes are well done, whether enhanced with visual effects or played for laughs.

Cameron Diaz is both the love interest and the glaring weakness. Her character only seems to be present so that we know the gay banter between the crime fighters is ironic and to advance the plot in jarringly obvious ways, symptomatic of the patchy script. She doesn’t have the acting skills or comic timing to compensate, so there’s a dip in quality whenever she’s on screen.

The Green Hornet is a bit shapeless as a story but relies on the charm of Rogen and a few big set pieces to connect the dots.Hide

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What the...?! Is this the same Michel Gondry who directed "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"? Oh yeah, now I remember Jack Black in his awful "Be Kind Rewind"... This is THAT Gondry. Plays like a poor man's Batman - but less amusing. In fact this makes Christian Bale look like he's got great comic timing... Ugh. No. Why? Even my 5 year old was bored... Neither a superhero nor an action film. Neither comedy nor drama. Neither worth seeing nor reviewing... So I'll stop.... More Still, at least it's not Schumacher's BATMAN AND RUBBING - so one star for that!Hide

BY bigspendakev superstar

Seth Rogen and his trademark laugh is what pushes this movie along asthe Green hornet His sidekick Kato who is constantly saving rogens backside is also very funny this is the year of comicbook action hero movies if you dont like Seth Rogen then stay away from this one as youll only get annoyed by his stoner voice and one style of acting but if your a fan then rent this one its not his funniest but still a good round film.

BY steveisatree superstar

The film, in all respects was OK. Fun. But directed my Michel Gondry, odd isn't it. There was the occasional, neat, classic Gondry style scene, even room for some MG stop motion. But all in all, it is a surprising film for Gondry to be appart of.
Yet, an enjoyably average film.

BY MovieMad lister

Comic book heros have a typical genre
*Kick arse action hero
*Love interest
*and more action
But this movie missed one thing, a real hero that you wanted to win. (he was a spoilt brat, who stumbled on crime fighting?!)
No point to Cameron Diaz character except for pretending to be a love interest.
Saving grace was Kato and his kick arse action, dont expect much?


It was exactly what I payed for. I was not disappointed but it did not exceed my mediocre expectations.

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  • An almost unendurable demonstration of a movie with nothing to be about. Full Review

  • High hopes of magic from the Gondry-Rogen pairing are dashed. Some neat touches aside, this isn't so much eternal sunshine, more superbad. Full Review

  • There's an uneasy sense that Rogen, though aware of the perennial need to preserve and build his brand as a comedy star, would still like to be seen as a leading man of some quirky sort or other. Full Review

  • Never achieves sufficient traction to go the blockbuster distance. Full Review

  • It comes as some disappointment – albeit no great surprise – to say that despite a few fanciful flourishes, Gondry has fought the Hollywood law, and the law has won. Full Review

  • Though tonally uneven, Hornet nonetheless works as breezy, irreverent entertainment that makes a virtue of its unlikely elements. And there’s the added buzz of James Franco’s cameo. Full Review

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