The Great Gatsby

Review: The Great Gatsby

12 Jun 13

Give it a miss! Lurhmann certainly did.

Seeing this movie was a big mistake on our part! How appropriate then to steal this quote from a professional reviewer: "Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby is a failure that should have at least been a magnificent mistake." Sadly, it is not.
I have never read the novel (nor do I want to) and haven't seen the 1974 movie version of this story, but it certainly had its strange side. The movie was contrived on the basis that the narrator was in psychiatric care and had been encouraged to write his story about Gatsby down as some sort of therapy. As he seemed to be the only sane one throughout, it's hard to imagine how he had a breakdown as a result. The characters are not the sort of people you can sympathise with and we didn't think too highly of the casting. Not much to say about the plot as I gather it sticks reasonably closely to the novel -- apart from the breakdown of the narrator referred to above.
There were only 4 of us present - 2 stars from the lads, 3 from Bernadette who has actually read the novel and seen the 1974 version. Verdict - to be avoided.