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Jacqueline McKenzie (Three Summers) is a particle physicist who travels to a parallel world to find her late husband in this award-winning Australian sci-fi.... More

After her husband is killed in a car crash, physicist Jane Chandler (McKenzie) finds a way to travel to a parallel world where she finds an ‘alternate version’ of him. But this version of her deceased husband reveals himself to be a very different man. A soldier, he carries a strange, deadly weapon and has a temper that can erupt at any moment. It soon becomes clear that she has made a terrible mistake and now she must find a way to defeat him and save her family.Hide

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  • A gripping story of murderous husbands and parallel worlds... [the filmmakers] have taken the idea of teleportation and dangled it’s endless possibilities and dire consequences right in front of our noses. Full Review

  • Seemingly out of nowhere and rather rapidly, the movie hooks you right in with some decent and expectation-defying plot turns, becoming rather dark and even a little chilling in certain parts – always a good thing. Full Review

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