The Favourite

Review: The Favourite

27 Dec 18

A tale of loss, madness and ruthless women.

Reminiscent of Greenaway's 'The Draughtsman's Contract' and WinterBottom's 'Tristram Shandy' once more we are thrown into the absurdities of wigs, idiots and the absurdities of life when the Royals were all powerful but at the mercy of the ruthless and quick witted. Here is the story of a Queen, played deftly by the superior Olivia Coleman, who is sinking into madness after the deaths of 17 lost babies. Some may call this a comedy but really the humour must be wrestled out of this story of loss. Nicholas Hault shines in this one and Emma Stone is the best she has ever been in my opinion but don't be drawn by any reviews that tell you it's all a bit of a costumed romp. The locations and costuming are sumptuous and may well garner an oscar as may Coleman.