The Darjeeling Limited

Review: The Darjeeling Limited

By Wice
09 Jan 08

Maybe this one is more for the girls

Patterns. Resistance. Pain. Healing. Birth. Death. Journeys. Baggage. Crossings. Understandings. Letting go. Accepting. The meaning of life: it’s all here - transformed from thought into action images - without even having to delve beneath the surface.

Anderson brings the universal tale alive. The Dargeeling Limited is a gently humorous movie about three brothers on a spiritual and physical journey through India. Don’t expect belly laughs but you will definitely chuckle and smile and generally feel quite good! And please don't miss the beginning; I thought I had sat down in the wrong theatre for the first ten minutes! It’s a movie of surprises, bursting at every turn with visual metaphors for its philosophical messages. And it all comes together perfectly - even if you’re not into this sort of stuff, you can’t help but enjoy the 'roundness' of the story and the technical excellence. This is a visually exciting film, full of rich contrasts. India literally vibrates with colour creating the perfect counter for the quiet, and often melancholy performances. I can't argue that it was not a bit slow going at times but I still really enjoyed it. Hubbie’s comment – “Yeh, it was ok but it was s-o-o slow – more YOUR kind of movie; and I’m never, ever going to go to India!”