The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Review: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

15 Jan 09

Edward Scissorhands and Forest Gump, but neither...

Check Ben's father, Vincent Price look a like? Yes we've seen this film, and short story before - Burton and Zemeckis did it better, so Fincher didn't really try. Neither did Brad Pitt, he'd already played the role perfectly well in "Meet Joe Black", and well, Cate Blanchett played the whole thing angry she wasn't Claire Forlani, Robin Wright, or Winona Ryder - Ryder? Johnny Depp's girlfriend in "Scissorhands" and Depp's actual old Girlfriend, Depp? Pitt before Pitt. Robin Wright? Princess, in "The Princess Bride", Forest Gump's HIV Girlfriend "Jenny", you remember?! Watch Edward, Forest, even the Angel of Death, but Ben? Not if I have to watch that baby close its eyes, and hear that dialogue again...Ben dies in Daisy's arms a newborn baby, his whole life flashing before his eyes...and his daughter to Daisy, thinks he's a the end credits and let me go home already, far out, its 11.10pm!