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Brad Pitt pointlessly grows backwards. It's trying to be 'Forrest Gump' but doesn't have any story to tell, just randomly selected, disconnected meaningless vignettes. Ponderous, boring and it goes on FOREVER. Perhaps it was all the makeup that restricted his facial expressions, but Brad Pitt's acting was as wooden as a kitchen table. Sleep inducing.

BY Nadia nobody

I think The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button is an amazing and powerful movie! However it was a very sad movie, but it was one of the best movies i have ever seen. I give the movie infinity stars! I LOVE YOU BRAD PITT!!!!!

BY Thomas lister

OH MY SWEET JESEUS!!!!! I feel for the first time in my life that I have truly wasted my time. I was very aware that I was in a dark room with a hundred strangers, well I suppose better that than having to listen to this tripe. Worst piece of crap I’ve seen since my last bad bout of food poisoning.
Basically, a troll gets younger as each year goes by and believe me, that takes just as long as it sounds. Go see it if you want to see and old man pervert a small child, get on a small boat, live... More in a small cold country while steadily getting less and less wrinkled. I could see the same thing after getting out of long bath.
The only light relief was an old man who was continuously struck by lightning, this however was also mercilessly stabbed to death by the time it was shown for the 3rd of 7 times. This "film" was void of any interest, emotion, acting ability, engagement and every other aspect that could make any motion picture watchable.
To compare it to other movies would be wrong. I prefer to compare it to having my fingernails slowly pulled out while having a fat man sit on my face, at least that’s what Brad Pitt must have been threatened with to accept this role which he carried off without a hint of enthusiasm or display that he had ever acted before. Don’t go to see this movie, as Benjamin gets younger and younger, you must endure this lifeless tale while you only get older and older.Hide

BY Genevieve wannabe

I went in excited to watch this movie but halfway through it got quite boring and to be honest very unbelieveable..I like to go in and feel engrossed in the movie especially when you are paying so much for a movie and popcorn...this movie was not one of them i came out feeling like i had wasted my money and may as well of waited until it came out on video and when i say video i mean $3 weekly :(

BY Jo grader

Oh dear, numb bum syndrome set in after two hours and it was difficult to concentrate despite the beatifully crafted sets and detailed cinematography or the acting skills of the principle actors -Tilda Swinton was the standout for me. This story could have had more light relief and at least half an hour shaved off which would have given it some pace.However still an original idea for Hollywood and for that top marks.

BY Brian1 superstar

Though if you think about it, rather ridiculous.
Clearly, very popular. Great acting, great effects.

BY Jack lister

See this film! Cate Blanchett is just incredible! Brad Pitt's performance exceede all his other work, and this film makes you think about it for ages afterward. It is a tad slow in places, but it's fabulous all the same!

BY Grant grader

While the storyline had promise, in my opinion this the film failed to deliver. It was long-winded, uninspiring and when the credits finally appeared a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

BY Faafetai lister

Check Ben's father, Vincent Price look a like? Yes we've seen this film, and short story before - Burton and Zemeckis did it better, so Fincher didn't really try. Neither did Brad Pitt, he'd already played the role perfectly well in "Meet Joe Black", and well, Cate Blanchett played the whole thing angry she wasn't Claire Forlani, Robin Wright, or Winona Ryder - Ryder? Johnny Depp's girlfriend in "Scissorhands" and Depp's actual old Girlfriend, Depp? Pitt before Pitt. Robin Wright? Princess, in... More "The Princess Bride", Forest Gump's HIV Girlfriend "Jenny", you remember?! Watch Edward, Forest, even the Angel of Death, but Ben? Not if I have to watch that baby close its eyes, and hear that dialogue again...Ben dies in Daisy's arms a newborn baby, his whole life flashing before his eyes...and his daughter to Daisy, thinks he's a the end credits and let me go home already, far out, its 11.10pm!Hide

BY Doug wannabe

Beautiful film that drew me into the love story between to people. The aging of Brad Pitt was almost a gimmick, he really started to look believable when the makeup came off.
Great story.

BY Sam superstar

One problem with this movie is that Benjamin is born as a tiny little old man - as opposed to completing his life as a full sized old man..

Therefore, he should have come to the end of his life as a gigantic baby. I was very disappointed that this was not to be.

BY Shaun grader

This film is extremely well doneand it hit me emotionally on many levels. I didn't even mind the fact it was 2 hrs 40 minslong as it was that good. Brad Pitt plays his role extraordinarily well alongside a standout performance from Cate Blanchett. Highly recommended to anyone, especially those who wish to delve deeper into the real meaning of ageing itself.

Slow boring and just a bit rubbish . shame on you Cate!

BY Lilah nobody

i thought that the film was a bit boring ! but it wasnt what i expected ! it was different ! and funny . with the guy that always said "have i told you about the time i was struck by lighting ?' that was funny !

i know that the movie was not for my target audience but i still enjoyed it !

plus when brad pitt went younger into his teens he looked like he just had botox ! =D LBMO !

Yes, it's quite slow moving. And the aging effects are quite gimmicky to start off with. But once the love story bit gets underway, and Brad Pitt begins to look a bit like the Pitt we know, the movie gets into its stride. Quite melancholic and subdued. Really enjoyed it. Perhaps could have taken a few more risks.