The Combination: Redemption

The Combination: Redemption


John Morkos recovers from his brother's death while new gang tensions develop in his neighbourhood in the sequel to the 2009 Australian drama.... More

Tensions are building on the streets of western Sydney, as ruthless new crime boss Nas (Johnny Nasser) seeks to expand his empire, and the formation of a group of white supremacists threatens to shatter the social fabric of the local community. When John's new hang-out, the boxing gym, becomes the focal point of these opposing forces, he's behooved to take a stand.Hide

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BY BTDahdah nobody

What a roller coaster ride! 👏🏻
I'm a harsh critic lol in more ways than one; not much impresses me, yet the film Combination Redemption (part 2) sincerely left me at the edge of my seat! Now that says a lot loll
Thoroughly ENJOYED THIS film, more than I thought I actually would. 👏🏻💯
The Female lead "Amira" was an awesome addition to the cast. The male lead "John" has come a long way, incorporating past life experiences to not only grow, yet to guide, teach others around him.
The... More entire cast who all in all, provided STRONG performances, with grit, style, grace and good humour, all laced in the overall mix.
Now get OUT and WATCH THIS film on the BIG SCREEN !!! It's NOT to be missed as WATCHING this on the BIG SCREEN is so much BETTER because of the INTENSITY, REALITY of the film ...
Side note: I will go and watch this AGAIN (a second time) at the cinema, that's how IMPRESSED I am with this film. 👏🏻Hide

The Press Reviews

  • Many of the film's problems could have been solved with more money and time, but not all of them. As well as a better title, the film needed another draft, a tougher edit and a longer gestation. Full Review

  • In The Combination Redemption the drama sometimes feels flaky and the ideologies of the film-makers confused. Full Review