The Chaperone (2019)

The Chaperone (2019)


One trip can change everything.

Oscar nominee Elizabeth McGovern leads this 1920s-set drama from the writer-director of Downton Abbey based on Laura Moriarty's bestseller.... More

The life of a Kansas woman (McGovern) is forever changed when she chaperones a beautiful and talented 15-year-old dancer named Louise Brooks to New York for the summer. One of them is eager to fulfil her destiny of dance and movie stardom; the other hopes to unearth the mysteries of her past.Hide

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  • Until the last half-hour, it's a rather plodding process of experimentation and assimilation as Norma gains the insight and courage to seize her dreams. Full Review

  • Though Richardson is a delight, her verve and sexual confidence only highlight the dreariness around her. A light goes out whenever she's offscreen. Full Review

  • It's a small-scale movie, and no harm in that, but it's tidy and stagy in a fusty middlebrow way. Full Review

  • Handsomely shot, The Chaperone captures the time well, and while it touches on themes of adultery, homosexuality and sexual freedom, it's presented as a lovely, pleasant romp through a vibrant era. Full Review

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