The Burning Sea

The Burning Sea

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The follow-up to Norwegian disaster films The Wave and The Quake sees a submarine operator rushing to save members of an oil rig after a crack in the ocean floor leads to a natural disaster. More

In 1969, the Norwegian government announces their discovery of one of the world’s largest oil fields in the neighbouring North Sea, launching a prosperous period of offshore drilling. 50 years later, the environmental consequences begin to manifest – a crack has opened on the ocean floor, causing a rig to collapse. A team of researchers, including submarine operator Sofia, rushes in to search for the missing and assess the cause of the damage, but what they discover is that this is just the start of a possible apocalyptic catastrophe. As rigs are evacuated, Sofia's loving companion Stian becomes trapped in the depths of the sea, and Sofia must dive in to rescue him.

2022Rating: M, Disaster themes and sense of peril101 minsNorwayFantefilm

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