The Boat That Rocked

The Boat That Rocked


Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll and the swinging '60s are up for a laugh in Richard Curtis' (Love Actually) feelgood ensemble comedy. It's about Radio Rock - one of the boats used to exploit a legal loophole and broadcast parent-baiting pop and rock 'n' roll to the UK from somewhere in the North Sea in the 1960s.... More

Stars Bill Nighy, Rhys Ifans, Nick Frost (Shaun Of The Dead/Hot Fuzz), Rhys Darby (Flight Of The Conchords) and Philip Seymour Hoffman.Hide

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You know that it’s been a pretty weak year for comedies when a violent parable like Gran Torino gets as many laughs as any of them. The Boat That Rocked is the next cab off the rank attempting to tickle your cinematic funny bone but, like a curate’s egg, it’s great in parts but falls woefully short in others.... More

It takes the subject of pirate radio and strips it of all its edgy rebelliousness to steer the film towards character-driven comedy with as broad an appeal as possible, built around tongue in cheek production design and a great retro soundtrack. It’s the perfect stage for Bill Nighy to show off his class by being the highlight of a piece that includes the likes of Philip Seymour Hoffman – no easy feat. New Zealand’s own Rhys Darby is a lot of fun too.

Unfortunately, the value of these contributions diminishes as the film stretches out to a bloated two-hour plus running time – an epic length for a comedy. The final act twist seems like a desperate attempt to reinvigorate a storyline that has already run its course and the moments of attempted tragedy don’t really fit within the greater context of the film. This might be worth a look though, considering the dearth of other comedy options at the moment.Hide

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GREAT cast, BRILLIANT Sound track, firken funny all the way through. The best movie iv seen in a long time, the only movie iv been inspired to comment about. AWESOME FUN!! (go Rhys).

It used to be Ghost but this movie blows it out of the water. It also seems to polarise people. There doesn't seem to be any middle ground here, you either hate it or think that it's one of the alltime greats. Oh well, if we were all alike life would be boring (Mother always said!)
See this movie if you like 60's music with fine and subtle character development coupled with a brilliant script..

THIS MOVIE IS THE GREATEST! i dont know any1 whos seen this that doessnt love it! how could you not love this!? i had tears streaming down my face the enitre time from laughing! i recomend this film to every1. cant wait for it 2 come out on dvd!

What a great theme and potential, let down horribly by what has got to be the worst screenplay and script imaginable. Brilliant natural sarcasm and wit of actors annulled by pathetic direction and cinematic values. Great situation comedic canvas and music (pirate radio station/ 60's /sex/drug/rock n roll ; it doesn't get funnier than that) ruined by patheitc script and plot. Appalling. Re-do the thing with the same cast and Michael Palin directing and in a lead role.. and drown the idiot... More repsonsible for this crap.Hide

it was sooooooooooo cool i loved the music and it was v v hilarious wish ther wer mor movis lyk ths cast was great midnight mark was my fav even if sum of the others wer a bit weird (in a good way) if u lov beatles and 60's music u shud defo c it !!!!! long liv rock 'n' roll =) peace out xox

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  • Curtis hangs situation and character comedy on a homage to rock’n’roll. That would be fine if it were funny, but auto-pilot Curtis prevails. Full Review

  • The film was about an hour too long, the humour hit and miss, the set-ups too obvious and the disappointment immense. Full Review

  • Riddled with music of an era that reverberates with baby boomers and will lift its interest value. A little stretched and not always focused, the payoff is nevertheless a big one, with an uplifting sequence that perhaps should have been the ending. Full Review

  • For a script that relies more on character-driven than situational comedy, it’s the performances that count, and these are thankfully strong. Full Review

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