The Beast Stalker (Ching yan)

The Beast Stalker (Ching yan)

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A dark, Hong Kong cop thriller from filmmaker Dante Lam. More

The capture of wanted criminal Cheung Yat Fung changes the lives of 3 people forever. In making the arrest, Sergeant Tong Fei accidently shot dead the daughter of public prosecutor Ann Ko and cripples a fellow officer. Overwhelmed with guilt he retreats into a fog of pain.

Months later and about to stand trial, Cheung Yat Fung orders the kidnapping of Ann Ko’s remaining child. The child’s freedom can be bought in exchange for Ann dropping all charges. Sergeant Tong Fei tries to redeem himself by offering to help rescue the child but Ann refuses his help. Backed into a corner by Cheung Yat Fung and desperate to save her daughter, Ann makes a dangerous decision. (Source: Hong Kong Film Festival)

2008109 minsHong KongCantonese with English subtitles

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