Terrence Malick's Street Sharks

Terrence Malick's Street Sharks


Oscar nominee Terrence Malick (Tree of Life) directs this meditative drama based on the '90s cartoon about mutant sharks on rollerblades. In cinemas April 1st 2017.... More

A group of teenagers who turn into humanoid sharks must defend the Earth against the evil Dr. Paradigm. When the task starts to take over every facet of their lives, the adolescents begin to question the very nature of their existence. In this toxic spiral of self-reflection, the relationship they built together starts to crumble under the weight of existential despair and narcissistic disillusionment. In the ashes of a former identity, only the answer to life's great questions can a phoenix rise - but can such answers come from an indifferent universe?

Michael Fassbender was originally cast to play the role of Big Slammu before scheduling conflicts forced him to pull out.Hide

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BY MxFC nobody

I was able to catch an advanced screening and this film, in the most Terrence Malick way possible, has changed how I view my life and the world around me... and sharks that rollerblade. To all the people who just think this is a TMNT knock-off, you couldn't be more wrong.

Hahaha this looked so wrong, the date says it all. Surely there's some rules about not posting an April fool's while still in March?

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  • Many things could be said about Malick's vision of the "Jawesome" television series. But only one word can accurately sum it up: transcendent. Full Review

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