Review: Tenet

02 Sep 20

"Don't try to understand it. Feel it."

I actually really liked this movie. I just didn’t realise until more than half-way through.

While the beginning frustrated me with its over-confusing, uncomfortably fast paced momentum, I eventually forgot that that had happened as I fell in love with the world and ideas Nolan was playing with.

And once it becomes entertaining, the whole thing feels like a masterpiece.

In reality, however, it is simply pieces of a masterpiece welded together with the shards of a categorical failure of film.

Overall, too much of the film was just unnecessarily incomprehensible. From the poor pacing in the first half to the batshit sound mixing...

To be honest though, even without being able to totally follow the plot, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It took a little time, but eventually everything just clicked into place and became the most enjoyable thing I’ve watched all year. The whole thing is shot and scored beautifully, the action sequences are splendidly composed, and the story and characters are engaging.

All in all, I have a hard time saying this is not a great film, and an equally hard time saying that it is. It’s neither. It’s both. It’s a paradox of filmmaking.

- letterboxd.com/therealclose