Sucker Punch

Review: Sucker Punch

11 Feb 12

A turd by any other name...

Playing like an extended trailer for the ultimate computer game for twelve year old hetrosexual boys, this is either a brilliant parody of mindless media sexism - or, um, mindless sexism! Mind you Zack Snyder brought us the oh so conflicted "300" which verged on gay soft porn... or was it fascist male body worship... or was it a brilliant parody of, er, mindless media sexism... Anyway, depending on who you are and just how seriously you take your pop-porn, "Sucker Punch" is either a fun, frenetic, beautiful looking and sounding teenage wetdream... or misogynistic nightmare. For me? It was a dog turd wrapped in bright metallic paper. It looked great - but once opened? Just a bad smell and a queasy feeling in the stomach as though I was the sucker who'd been punched...

Two computer generated stars for the visuals and soundtrack though. If 'Sucker Punch' was five-minute pop video or an advert for aftershave, it'd be almost bearable... almost!

If you're a twelve-year old hetrosexual boy? See at once!