Review: Submarine

30 Nov 11


"Submarine". First the name. Apart from a mural on the lead's bedroom wall, there is no apparent reason why the movie is called "Submarine". This is the story of the real difficulties facing most maturing teenagers; self-doubt and social inadequacy, bullying at school, relationship difficulties and to achieve one's first 'consummation,' insecurity arising from parental discord and the clear gap between male and female maturity.

This movie is described as a comedy/drama and, yet again, for us the combination didn't work. The comedy was so dry that laughter was conspicuous by its silence. Lloyd Taylor as Noah Tait, a fifteen year-old boy has two challenges; plotting the resurrection of his parents' marriage, while at the same time being a sensitive and attentive boyfriend.

This is a well-produced film with good performances by an experienced cast, particularly by Noah Taylor as Lloyd Taylor, that might well set film society types alight, but didn't do that for us mere mortals. 2.5 stars.