Ethan Hawke takes Noomi Rapace hostage during a bank heist in this crime dramedy based on the events of the 1973 hostage crisis in Stockholm.... More

"Hawke stars as Lars, a charming, bumbling, Bob Dylan-loving crook who storms into the Swedish capital’s mightiest money lender and confuses hostages and police alike with his bizarre demands — like requesting an accomplice and friend (Mark Strong) be released from prison to join him in his delinquency. As the hostages come to realise that Lars couldn’t hurt a fly, bank clerk Bianca (Rapace) and her fellow captives help him hatch a plan to prolong the standoff and escape with millions. " (Tribeca Film Festival)Hide

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  • far from the first movie to believably show a crime victim coming to sympathise with a criminal. But it's a funny and agile one... Full Review

  • Suggests "Dog Day Afternoon" made by a filmmaker who can't decide whether he's pitching a docudrama or a sitcom. Full Review