Stephen King's Doctor Sleep

Review: Stephen King's Doctor Sleep

01 Dec 19

See What an F-grade Horror Looks Like

I love good psychological horror movies. I love Stephen King's books. Sadly, many of the movie adaptations of his works are awful. Having both recently read the book and hopeful that Doctor Sleep would be different, my adult daughter and I looked forward to seeing it. Our hopes were dashed. The filmmakers made a mess of the timing needed to build tension and scare the you-know-what out of you. The storyline and flashbacks were all over the place. Creative licence - they used the licence part a lot but there was nothing creative about it - more a case of destructive. At best it was boring and laughable. At worst it was an F-grade slasher movie. Oh and here's a warning I didn't find in any of the reviews I read...there's a particularly nasty torture scene we think was totally unnecessary and know will trigger those with abuse issues. My daughter and I are realists and have strong stomachs yet It upset both of us. Guess we disagree with the official reviewers who generally gave it a 4/5 rating. I begrudgingly gave it one star only to encourage those who want to see what a truly awful movie/book adaptation looks like.