Star Trek Into Darkness

Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

14 May 13

Engaging; best to see it in theatres!

This was an absolutely amazing film. I say this because I am NOT a Star Trek fan but the director did phenomenally well bringing audiences like me into the action and not be completely lost. It had just the right amount of wit and a bucket-full of action I couldn't get enough of!

Kudos goes to the VFX team for making the CGI looking flipping fantastic; every computerized detail was perfect. Cumberbatch took the award for best actor for me on this film; he brought 'it'. I can't explain what 'it' is without spoiling, but lets just say he did an amazing job and performed top-notch.
Abrams couldn't have made this film any better and if he did I'd offer 6 gold stars on a silver patter.