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BY Leigh19 nobody

Laugh-out-loud moments, six spider-people to cheer for, from schoolboy version to out-of-shape Parker. Who had time to eat popcorn?! I liked it a lot!!

BY Newt superstar

Perhaps the best version of Spider-Man on screen? Will Miles Morales be the more popular Spider-Man in five years time is a question my friend posed and it's an interesting one. Even though the high school tropes have been done to death on screen, this still manages to capture the essence of a high-schooler in a fresh way. Comedic timing is great throughout and the wittiest post-credits scene to date.

BY PjM-97 nobody

Great all round comic book movie with epic artwork, score and story

BY amydaisy superstar

Now I loved Spider-Man: Homecoming, but this has gone above it in terms of my favourite spider-man film. I loved every second of it, its bright, fun and has an amazing story behind it! and who doesn't want 6 spider people in one film?!