Snowpiercer JackWallace'S REVIEW


BY JackWallace superstar

Directed by Joon-ho Bong and produced by Chan-wook Park, director of the Korean cult classic Oldboy. Snowpiercer is an audacious entertaining sci-fi action thrill-ride. For 18 years, the world's small population live on a train that never stops moving. Society is divided by the rich and the poor. The rich live in luxury at the front of the train, and the poor live in the dark, dirty back of the train and are forced to eat disgusting black nutrition bars. Chris Evans plays Curtis, the poor's future leader once John Hurt dies. Curtis plans the revolution to fight his way to the front of the train. Chris Evans, known for playing Captain America, is incredible and gives the best performance of his career. Tilda Swinton is over-the-top as Mason, the evil villain that kidnaps children and wears fake teeth. The art direction and action sequences are fantastic. Great original action films are rare these days. We need more action films like Snowpiercer and The Raid 2. I f**king loved Snowpiercer. One of the best films of the year.