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Saturday Night Live veterans Tina Fey and Amy Poehler re-team with SNL writer Paula Pell for this comedy about two sisters who attempt to throw one last house party before their parents sell the home. From the director of Pitch Perfect.

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A coming-of-age familial comedy and a somewhat interesting spin on the house party movie, Sisters sees Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in great form together but is nonetheless fairly forgettable. The duo have a contagiously fun onscreen chemistry, clearly enjoying being more crass than we normally see them. They're obviously real-life pals and as they drop dozens of F-bombs, make poo jokes and generally behave badly, they add a lot of heart to what is otherwise only a mildly entertaining film.... More

House party flicks are a dime a dozen but they can be fantastic - Project X is a widely underrated modern example of the genre done just right. By having desperate old people throw the drug-fuelled shindig in an effort to recapture their glory days and make things right between them, Sisters finds originality within the subgenre and can even be read as a parody of it.

If only more of the gags were solid and the pace didn't drag as often.

There are a lot of clunkers and average humour throughout, but there are a few solid knee-slappers too. A conversation Poehler's character has with a nail salon worker that plays on white people's efforts to pronounce foreign names properly is one of the funniest bits. It's extremely simple, but executed superbly and it had me in stitches.

Even when the jokes don't work well at all, Fey and Poehler are consistently fun to spend time with. Their fans will no doubt forgive the mediocrity of the film to do so, but others may find it a bit of a bore. Maya Rudolph and John Cena are standouts among the supporting cast.Hide

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BY thorinoak superstar

Not Poehler and Fey's best work together but a decent enough story with a few laughs.

BY JuliaLee lister

For those that appreciate comedic family dynamics and the art form of hosting a killer party! I watched it with my sister and it was hilarious seeing the similarities between us and the sisters. Not to be taken too seriously of course, good for a laugh! I also really liked the cultural elements and nostalgic value, was interesting.

BY Mel superstar

I'm a big Tina & Amy fan, so I was always going to enjoy this film - and it is often highly amusing and entertaining. The film lets itself down when allowing the jokes to continue long after they've played out - a result of a supporting cast packed with SNL alum allowed to ad lib & exaggerate to their hearts content. Fine, but not suited to this particular platform. With no live audience to egg them on, things get a bit cringey - kind of like watching those music videos without the music. ... More It's a bit of a disservice to what is actually a tightly written and clever script - a little more time in the cutting room would've worked wonders.Hide

BY SCshiers lister

took my bestie, it was great!

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  • Although the film directed by Jason Moore (Pitch Perfect) mostly concentrates on over-the-top comic mayhem, it's actually funniest in its quieter, subtler moments. Full Review

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