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Documentary memoir detailing young Singaporeans, the indie movie they made, and how it mysteriously disappeared. Winner of the World Cinema Documentary Directing Award at Sundance 2018. More

Three teenagers who bonded over a love of underground music and film graduated to making a film of their own, a 1992 cult classic-in-the-making. Or it would have been, explains Sandi Tan in this doco about the film of the same name she wrote and starred in, if every frame of the 16mm footage hadn't gone missing. Decades later, Tan once again sets out to find out what happened.

2018Rating: PG, Coarse Language96 minsUSA
DocumentaryFestival & Independent

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Winner of World Cinema Documentary Directing Award at Sundance Film Festival 2018

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Flicks, Steve Newall

Flicks, Steve Newall

Tracing the making of a pioneering—and lost—independent film shot in Singapore in 1992, Shirkers is a fascinating blend of autobiography, cinema history and mystery. The ambitious project of young Singaporeans, led by a trio of determined women working alongside an older, American, film teacher (more on him later), their independent feature Shirkers evolved out of a shared love of indie film, zine culture and alternative music—much of it smuggled into the culturally authoritarian nation. Then, as the 1992 film’s screenwriter and lead actor Sandi Tan details in this documentary, their movie just… disappeared.

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Shirkers is available to stream in Australia now on Netflix.