Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Review: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

By RexH
25 Jan 12

"Well done, Holmes! Bloody well done!"

The quote is not from the current film but from "The 7 Percent Solution" way back around 1974/5. Watson cheering Holmes on whilst swordfighting atop a fast moving train. It came to me while watching the train sequence in "Game of Shadows" and prompted me to wonder; which of the two films was the better? I have to say, the earlier was superior on a number of levels but this latest outing is a great romp. Funny, fast and tense where it needed to be. Casting was excellent - hilarious cameo from Stephen Fry. And while Downey's Holmes may not be to everyone's liking, he doesn't in fact, stray too far from the original character. Doyle didn't dwell on the mania that must have accompanied Sherlock's substance and cocaine abuse, but the hints were there. Updated, we have what could be a fair interpretation. Love the nod to the Joker! Anyone else notice? Action was well done throughout and the music hall sequence was a minor joy. It would have benefited from a bit more depth, it's true. That would have made it a better film and maybe ten minutes longer. But as a fun night out? Top marks to all involved!