Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Review: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

10 Jan 12

Sherlock Holmes... again

Okay - the first film was fun in a Lock Stock and Two Camp Charaters kinda way. I love Downey Jnr in anything because... well, he's Robert f@#$&* Downey Jnr dude! But let's face it, like IRON MAN 2, this Sherlock sequel was just a tired re-tread of the first. So, if you enjoyed the first, you'll love this. A fast, fun and frantic revisioning of Holmes as action hero rather than cerebal detective... Pretty much what happened to Batman - who went from Detective Comic hero to all-out action hero. Ritchie ups the ante of the slow-mo explosion scene from the first movie - this time amidst some trees - and amps up the homo-erotic Brokeback Detectives banter of the first installment. All-in-all fun - but a shame the villain wasn't more villanous and that sexism excludes women in all but the most James Bondian way... All the same, a fun popcorn movie that delivers exactly what it says on the tin: Sherlock Holmes... again. Big up Gladstone the dog!