Review: Shazam!

19 Apr 19

A nice break from all the angsty DC films

It's nice to see some DC films beginning to stray away from their dark and angsty style and incorporating some comedy especially with Shazam where it fits in the most. It consists of the DCEU style from Zack Synder but done better.

The film introduces us to a new and more unknown DC Comic's character Shazam, and it is a relief they did the character justice with with it's comedic nature and child like manner from 'Billy Batson' even when transformed to the amazing Shazamt isn't the worst either. It is light-hearted but also has deep character arks through the characters!

The film's storyline isn't perfect but it's easy to follow and understand. It can be silly at times especially with the villain who indeed is your stereotypical mysterious and brooding 'bad guy' but the movie is fully aware of it and goes along with it.

It's an entertaining and easy-going film. A great origin story film and honestly did not disappoint.