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BY JackWallace superstar

Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is one of the most entertaining movies ever. Perfectly paced, dazzling visuals, amazing fight choreography. Great editing and l adore the soundtrack. If you don't like this movie, there's something wrong with you. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is flawless. Grade: A+

The Film was ok but i think they expressed using points to much, just making it like a arcade game purely.....
but to be fair i liked the storyline about the several evil boyfriends.

A dazzling, infectious, innovative and hilarious rush of a movie. A smart blend of video game, comic book and action-comedy that is a truly entertaining joyride.

Scott Pilgrim, 22, loves Ramona Flowers. However, if he is to date her, he must defeat her seven evil exes. Edgar Wright delivers a two hour sonic boom of pop-culture 8-bit hipsterism, smashing every genre in its wake. The dialog is crammed full of with wit and charm. The quick-fire editing is relentlessly sublime. Every performance is delivered with immense satisfaction. The effects constantly surprise with innovation and visual trickery. The sound design, flawless. The music, exceptional. No... More other movie of 2010 had me frothing coins from the mouth in anticipation of watching it a second time ‘round. K. O.Hide

BY CSBright superstar

crap crap crap crap crap crap crap it was the gayist most horrible borinest movie ever

Wow, I can't believe some of you who can't understand such simple humour... Scott Pilgrim is a spectacular film with amazing visuals, surprisingly good acting and a heartwarming ending.


If you like wacky humor this movies for you.

The movie layout was very enjoyable but maybe not somthing my older relatives/ family member would enjoy. However unlike all the other "trolls" bagging on the movie its filming is very close to what the comic was actually like not to mention the arcade game!

BY Mick28 lister

Anyone who played video games like Sonic and Super Mario Bros back in the day will love this.

P.S. The Vegan Police are awesome.

I found it hard to sit though. Pretentious crap

So different to other films out there, cool effects, great concept and awesome music. Love Michael Cera too -he can't do a move wrong in my eyes. Quirkey and Cool - would see it a second time


This was amazing to watch. It was so unqiue and every scene was interesting. LOVED IT!!!! So random at the beginning but once you get the hang of it it just sweeps you away. Totally recommend this movie. Has become one of my faviourite movies ever.

It's true. Laughed all the way through it. Extremely clever and extra cool.

We thought there was nothing good about this film. A waste of money! Have loved the other movies Michael Cera has been in but this was awful. We left after an hour. Only the second movie I have ever walked out of and my daughter's first and we go to a lot of movies! It was so bad that I had to write this comment!

Flicks provides an excellent review which convinced me I'd enjoy the movie. Although I'm almost 50, and probably not in the target demographic, it is the most enjoyable movie I've seen for many years.

I would see it again simply because there is so much to take in. I definitely missed many of the pop-ups and probably many of the cultural references. But I did get the 'Arrested Development' references - that was where Michael Cera first came to comedy fame.

BY steveisatree superstar

one person said in the movie as Scott entered the Chaos Theater. I must concur.
It also needs to be in two films, I mean who can beat seven evil exes in two hours??? We may need to get the vegan police on this matter.

But all in all it is a fantastic, lovable, visually neat film!

BY Ken-Burns superstar

Great pace, easy to understand and mind boggling fight scenes. See it on imax or extreme screen up close, loud and drink beer. You'll have a memorable time out

Epic is the only word to describe this movie. Cera does a excellent performance as usual. Game references galore, effects and music where all top notch. Edgar Wright showed off his unique style as he did with Hot Fuzz and Shawn of the Dead. A must see for any action/comedy lover.

I really enjoyed it. It had a solid cast and a brilliant director responsible for Spaced as well as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, easily holds up against his earlier works. Its flashy, colourful and exciting. Worth seeing at the cinema, I plan to see it more than once.

Had a sneak peek of this film last night. Along with myself and 1/2 the cinema after the first 1hr walked out. Not recommended at all. The director should be shoot this film should have gone straight to DVD

Loved it. It's perfect film making with every trick in the book coming out. Edgar Wright has clearly thought about each detail of this.


A suitable audience for this overactive movie is those who are under 25 and/or hyperactive...

Saw this very recently, and even potentially shouldn't be writing about it here, but OMG this was fantastic. Michael Cera, Kieran Culkin, Anaa Kendrick all awesome. The video game graphics, and 'THONK's displayed on screen just fantastic. Visually absolutely glorious. The comic timing is just astonishingly good, both from the actors, and the director via the editing suite and special effects. Edgar Wright's best work, and that's saying something! If you've got as far as this page you're... More interested enough in the film to give it a chance, please please please please do. It won't be anything like as good without a good sized crowdHide