Safe House (2012)

Review: Safe House (2012)

11 Feb 12

why did they all speak french in South Africa?

I don't get why he was speaking French tothe policemen in S.A. The trailer is misleading, this movie has a crusty ending, and drags on at times. Characters are never clear cut enough - you got Ryan Reynolds playing innocent kid who totally throws everything out the window at the end, even when he was told not to (why!?!) and then you got Denzel who is supposed to be a manipulative highly intelligent traitor who turns out to be a father like figure who just 'decides' not to kill Ryan at one point. Absolutely stupid, story AND characters aren't thought out well at all. And, I may not have been to Johannesburg before, but Ryan was always speaking french to people. Is french a top language there or something? Don't watch, waste of money.