Rough Stuff

Rough Stuff


No roads. No worries.

Australian action-adventure comedy set in the depths of the Aussie outback. Stars Gareth Rickards, Vincent Andriano and Sam Glissan.... More

"Buzz" Burroughs (Rickards), living on the fringes of society, will take any job that pays, leading him and his small band of Rovers into off-road touring adventures in the Australian outback. In serious need of some cash, the Rovers team up with an activist documentary crew in a journey through the impenetrable Mamuya Valley in search of the legendary Stray's Gold. However, the activists' fanatical leader, Eric (Jamie Kristian), has other ideas, betraying the Rovers to pursue his own agenda.Hide

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  • ...a fun romp of a movie, embodying a type of cinematic adventure that is all but extinct these days. Full Review

  • When Rough Stuff clicks into gear, it provides an exciting, visually spectacular thrill ride that offers up something unique and different to what we’ve seen in local productions before. Full Review

  • A raucous, rambling off-road romp that plays unashamedly broad and loud ... Adams makes up for a complete disregard for subtlety by delivering a ballsy, sweary celebration of all things alpha-Aussie. Full Review

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