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BY baylyr lister

I thought Rocketman did alright. I like how it unfolds Elton John’s story which was really interesting. It was definitely like Bohemian Rhapsody. I do think it was a little too ‘explicit’ for a PG-13 rating. In heaps of scenes in the movie it was very boring let’s say. But I thought it was a pretty alight film by its self.

BY Barny superstar

Side one of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was my requested bedtime music as a 5 year old. Now as a middle aged jaded old man this film had me realize that while I don't own any of Elton's album's, I've apparently been carrying a 'best of' in my emotional psyche. All the hits where there...and the film's title song sequence was phenomenal.
This film does many things better than Bohemian Rhapsody, most importantly it takes it's time telling the story, whereas Boh-Rap rushed everything along in order... More to get Live Aid. Back to my 'emotional best of' the music ques are genius in how they propel the drama and a personal reminder of just how his songs have been around me growing and just how damn good those songs are. Queen had the anthems but Taupin/Dwight wrote masterpieces - I'm about ready to purchase a Best of the Bitch CD for my midlife car stereo.
This emerging Rock'n'Roll Cinematic Universe is a winner in that as viewer, the enjoyment of the music whisks you into the story.
P.S. I remember years ago sitting in a rather empty and beautifully air-conditioned Imax one summer afternoon with my popcorn, choc top & coke waiting The Dark Knight to screen. Elton John's 'Blue Eyes' was playing over the sound system the time I sat in tranquil bliss dipping my popcorn into my ice cream thinking, "Damn this song IS really good!"Hide

BY PercyM superstar

It's vibrant, magical and poignant when necessary; with overall fantastic performances/music and good directing making up for it's mostly on point pacing and rather conventional plot.

BY filmlover superstar

Okay, so less of a biopic more a greatest hits. This is HIS story about what he had to overcome to become a legend. I am not a fan of musicals and neither am I an Elton fan but this flick has the heart and charm to carry it's own weight. There were villains aplenty and very few good guys on his way up the ladder to success according to Elton so a grain of salt is needed, but Taron Egerton does a sterling job and there are plenty of solid performances around him including the wonderful Jamie... More Bell. Lovely to look at, and well musically arranged ,this is entertaining enough for even non fans. Elton's lifestyle choices preclude this from being a movie for the young which is a shame really as the suggestion is that any little battler can win with talent, hard work and persistence. Silly specs optional.Hide