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Documentary on the birth of heavy metal music in Afghanistan. Told by an Australian director who first travelled there to volunteer as a journalist and found himself mentoring metallers District Unknown, the country's sole, notorious, metal band.... More

"When Beard met District Unknown back in 2009, Kabul’s fiercely conservative and traditional community frowned upon music. The young Afghan men in the band could barely find instruments, much less a rehearsal space. Practice sessions were interrupted by power cuts and exploding bombs. The musicians persevered, but as their notoriety grew, Qasem, Pedram, Qais, Lemar and Yousef had to choose whether to stay or go, knuckle under or keep rockin’." (Sydney Film Festival)Hide

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  • Most bands only have to put up with jeers if they bomb. The stakes are always much higher here, which is part of what makes this documentary highly engaging. Full Review