Red Riding Hood

Review: Red Riding Hood

01 Apr 11


O for the love of Mike or Catherine in this case. Yes a few twilight trappings there. You may have noticed the music score bordering on twilight eclipse opening scene. Pathetic over dramatisation of a mildly innocent fairytale. The heavy snow and flowing garments in a dark age era was so out of wack it was laughable. Catherine I thought she did a brilliant job with twilight in her cast selection, handheld cam, angle shots and genuine passion for the story. She loves Billy Burke and more than once said he nails every scene hes in. He was dead in this, owing (I thought) to the dialogue. THe only memorial aspect of the movie was the red hoodie cloak. amanda was wrong, the eyes were big enough but no innocence there. She knows how to pic the guys, has a knack for hunting out up and coming potentials. Not recommended Preposterous is right!