Red Dog

Review: Red Dog

04 Feb 12

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I think I have stumbled across one of popular culture's more obscure sub-genres. For years children and adults alike have flocked to see Animal adventure films like 'Homeward Bound', 'The Incredible Journey' & 'Old yeller', but lurking just beneath our noses a bone-a-fied spin-off to this family classic has been immerging, a new breed if you will. Folks, I'm talking about man's best friend, the humble dog, not just any dog, specifically the humble red dog. Popular culture is littered with Red Dog fables; it seems to be the colour of choice when depicting our loveable companions and their dogged determination to overcome adversity against all odds.

You may recall, it all began with Norma Bridwell's 'Clifford the Big Red-dog': the little runt that no one expected to grow, yet remarkably with the love of a little girl and pure ambition he fights back against the sizest society he is raised in, finally flourishing into a 25 foot super dog. Next, comes Walt Disney's 'Big Red', the repressed show dog who rebels against the 'man' to chase his dream of spending his days running through the woods chasing his tail and sniffing flowers. Now, as if to finally cement the carmine K9 genre's legitimacy, the trilogy is completed with today's film, appropriately entitled 'Red Dog'.