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Project Almanac


Today is better the second time around.

Found-footage sci-fi about a group of teens who happen upon David's (Jonny Weston, Chasing Mavericks) old video tape of his seventh birthday. But when the footage shows what looks like teenage David in the background, the mystery leads them to his late father's blueprints for a time-travelling machine – labelled ‘Project Almanac’.... More

Having failed to gain scholarship for MIT, David is more motivated than ever to construct what would be a scientific marvel. With the help of his sister and his two pals, they successfully build a functioning time-travel device, only to use it for high school pranks and attending music festivals in the past. But the constant manipulation of time results in disastrous ripple effects for the present, prompting David to untangle a delicate temporal web while avoiding paradoxes and singularities.Hide

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“Why are you filming this?” and “How has that shirt not been washed?” are two of many questions you’re likely to ask in this plot-hole-digging, found-footage sci-fi about tech-savvy teens who discover plans to build a time machine. When the ‘hot chick’ stumbles onto what they’ve been doing, she reckons they should skip the testing precautions and use the device on themselves. Thanks to raging hormones and adolescent dumb-assery, they oblige.... More

This is not a clever film, but it’s not-clever from the get-go and remains not-clever for all 100 minutes of the running time, so at least it’s consistent. But this kind of ‘leave your brain at the door’ film is only excusable if there’s enough fun to be had in the premise. This is where Project Almanac almost finds success.

As with 2012’s Chronicle, the film’s best moments see the high-schoolers simply screwing around with their new world-changing power. They contemplate killing Hitler, but settle for rigging the lottery and messing with the heads of bullies instead. Their immaturity is amusingly relatable and the young actors do well to energise these scenes without being annoying – except for Sam Lerner. (Imagine Miles Teller at his most obnoxious. Now give him two heads.)

These moments are disappointingly sparse however, and when the lacklustre climax takes us all the way back to the ancient era of 2004, it becomes abundantly clear that this film was never meant for anyone over the age of 17. If you’re in the target demographic, ignore the star rating and you’ll probably have a good time with Project Almanac. For everyone else, consider this a warning from the future.Hide

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BY Gaspardation superstar

It's a mix of various elements and obviously you could see many films in it ( from Back to Future to Spring Break to The Butterfly Effect). The mix is not very convincing but lousy and meaningless.

BY Tania1 lister

Wanted to walk out and nearly fell asleep

BY RealityCheck superstar

Project Almanac
I was going in for something & got much of what I expected. A mash up of several movies I’ve already seen: ‘Chronicle’, ‘Looper’ (all 'Back to the Future’ series), 'Safety Not Guaranteed', ‘Groundhog Day’ and ‘Butterfly Effect’ with stylings of ‘Super 8’ and ‘Cloverfield’…. Good film, just felt like I’d already seen it (bad time travel pun?), good watch, just not anything new or exciting. A good rainy day or chick-flick.
Genre : Thriller, Sci-Fi,... More Mystery, time travel
2/5 : I want to give it more, but honestly just feels done, like I’ve already seen this entire movie in several other films!Hide

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  • If it didn't bungle it all with a shrug of an ending, it would be easier to recommend. Full Review

  • With "Looper" and the fantastic recent release "Predestination" using the same plot device to explore existentialism, the potboiler Project Almanac feels like a leap backward. Full Review

  • Along the way Almanac is forced to cheat so much with its ostensibly self-shot material that one has to ask why the format was chosen. Full Review

  • Despite the uncomfortable sexism and altogether predictable nature of the film, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't modestly entertaining. Full Review

  • A time-travel premise goes nowhere fast in this latest take on the increasingly tired found-footage genre. Full Review

  • It’s far more excited about the shallow possibilities of cheating the fourth dimension than the infinitely scarier ones of messing it all up. Full Review

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