Pitch Perfect

Review: Pitch Perfect

06 Oct 12

Didn't Think I'd Like It But...

... I actually really, REALLY did! xD I almost feel guilty for admitting it, because chick flicks aren't usually my thing, and I don't care all that much about American college films. But 'Pitch Perfect' is so much more than both of these, which made is incredibly entertaining! The Flicks reviewer has it spot on when he says that it's taken the best elements of Bring It On, Mean Girls and Glee, and made something new. This film is incredibly funny! A big kudos goes to the Aussie gal, Rebel Wilson, for some of the most hilarious lines. I only ever knew Anna Kendrick from Twilight, which I very shortsightedly almost judged her for. However, she's actually a brilliant actress, and a stunning singer! Honestly, her version of Titanium is magical. I'm actually secretly hoping she's going to release an album, although I think she said she didn't have any plans to. Speaking of the singing, it's all awesome! Very talented voices - I now have a new appreciation for acapella. I like how all of the characters have their own, distinct personalities - well, most of them. Even if they are a tad cliched ;) But somehow, 'Pitch Perfect' manages to make that charming rather than grating. Same with the romance plot, I didn't find it cheesy or anything. There is one tiny incident - okay, well, two tiny incidents - in the film that grossed me out a bit, but I don't want to spoil the surprise for anyone... ;) And, after noticing that the director created the musical 'Avenue Q' - well, the un-PCness no longer surprises me ;) So yes, definitely an entertaining and talented film, well worth a night out and it'll leave you singing and dancing along to the music! :)