Penguin Highway

Penguin Highway


A fourth-grader investigates the sudden appearance of penguins in his village in this Japanese anime adventure based on Tomihiko Morimi's novel. Young Aoyama-kun suspects that it is somehow related to a mysterious power coming from a young woman working at a dental clinic.

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  • ...a unique, beautifully entertaining and wholly original film. Full Review

  • The folks at Colorido would do well to ignore any such murmurs and simply create the kinds of films they want. With "Penguin Highway," they're on the right path. Full Review

  • For almost all ages, this is a heart-warming, imagination-tickling joy - and a film that should put Ishida and Colorido on every anime fan's to-watch list. Full Review

  • For viewers of Aoyama's age this could be a film that lingers in the mind for years to come, like the half-memory of a strange but pleasant dream. Full Review

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