Review: Paul

15 Sep 11

Pleasantly surprised

To be honest I was actually quite surprised in that I actually enjoyed this. I suspected, much like all Pegg minus Wright movies, that this would be a charming, if rather unimpressive comedy thin on laughs and with a concept stretched to its limits. And while it's hardly going to break any barriers of the genre, I did actually find myself amused for it's length with a nice homage of sorts to the sci-fi greats of the past, mixed with a little of Pegg/ Frost's top notch ability to delight their audience with plenty of heart and a lot of raucous comedy. Rogen, surprisingly, also worked as the alien to two guys run into while on their great American road trip, with the comedic accents to his character evoking a character who has been ruined by years of western culture. At times the jokes felt a little repetitive, and it did seem to run out of steam after about an hour, but nevertheless, it was a fun way to spend a couple of hours, with enough references to keep a geek's attention maintained throughout.