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BY PercyM superstar

It's dull, cringy and lacklustre; with its mediocre CGI-heavy action and monotone characters.

just another action movie, robots fighting monsters much the same as the first pacific rim, although this one feels like it is more forced, 2 stars go if you just want to watch some action scenes but don't expect too much

BY OscarSM superstar

Pacific Rim: Uprising had amazing potential to be a fun, visually impressive and thoroughly enjoyable ride. Unfortunately it fails to deliver in nearly every aspect it should. It plays out like an animated tv series for kids, completely discarding the darkish but fun tone that made its predecessor so great to watch. It tries to go bigger but it completely fails to be better and comes off as tacky and stupid. The first act is an almost unbearable mess of plot that feels unfinished and useless.... More We open on some footage copy pasted directly from the original then get 40 minutes of poor acting and totally forgettable plot details. There is one action scene but it is wholly underwhelming and very forgettable, like most of the film. When we get into the second act Uprising starts to feel promising, to my disappointment it spiralled downhill through countless numbers of throwaway gags, unfunny jokes and fight scenes that all feel rushed and give the viewer no satisfaction when being watched. The final act should be the best part of all but it is so disappointing it is one of the worst parts to watch. We get a spy kids-esque finale with a bunch of teenagers getting into huge colourful robots and fighting big colourful monsters. An attempt at putting the theme tune from the original over a sort of pre battle montage feels so out of place and forced it was almost laughable. The final fight scene lacks any realism at all and reminded me of things like Despicable Me and How to Train your dragon. The cgi isn't bad but it's so colourful and daft it feels animated and like something you'd show to the little ones. The characters have no real development either, they do change but in seemingly instantaneous transitions that make no sense. The film aims to answer questions from the original but just ends up raising many more that will probably not be answered in the next instalment. There were few moments that made me smile, it was one of the few movies I have seen at the cinema that I have regretted spending my money on. Also, the fact that it is such a kidsy film is nonsensically negated by some quite dark scenes so really I have no idea who it is supposed to be aimed at. The fact that all the best moments were lifted directly from Pacific Rim 1 is quite sad really and says a lot about what Hollywood has become. I do not await the sequel eagerly and will not be watching it at the cinema, if at all. The film does toy with some cool concepts and has a couple of enjoyable scenes but overall it is far less than what I had hoped for.Hide