Our Time Will Come

Our Time Will Come


War epic from Hong Kong director Ann Hui (Summer Snow) set during the 1940s Japanese occupation of Hong Kong. Stars Xun Zhou, Eddie Peng and Wallace Huo.... More

Marking the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China, the story tells of a legendary heroine Fang Gu (Zhou) and the fight for freedom and independence by resistance groups.Hide

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  • Beyond the handful of obligatory escapades, gunfights and images of martyrdom, the film reveals itself as less a drama about extraordinary heroes than an illustration of life in a fallen city. Full Review

  • By highlighting the value of artists and intellectuals, and the importance of protecting them, she imbues the authentic historical episode with timely universal relevance. Full Review

  • A film marked by strong performances - leads Zhou Xun and Deanie Ip in particular - and a poignant resonance which rings through to the territory's travails today. Full Review

  • Hui makes the most of her cast - boasting a notable number of Hong Kong Film Awards winners - to fashion an unapologetically human drama. Full Review

  • Unlike Hui's earlier films, such as A Simple Life (2011) ... this one has plenty of heart, but no soul. Full Review

  • It's Fang's transformation, embodied by Ms. Zhou's lean, cool authority, that carries the most weight, lending the proceedings an unforced feminist dimension, and reaffirming Ms. Hui's status as one of China's cinematic treasures. Full Review

  • A little-known chapter in Hong Kong's wartime history has been vividly re-created in "Our Time Will Come," a female-driven drama poignantly directed by Ann Hui. Full Review

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